How to use Feedburner support

  1. Go to [] and register your feed there. If you want to register main feed, it's address is something like DOMAIN/feeds/atom/blog/. You'll get new address like
  2. Edit your and add the FEEDBURNER variable: FEEDBURNER = {"blog": "YourFeedName"}

Here YourFeedName is the name which you've choose on Feedburner and blog is the name of your feed (by extending the FEEDBURNER variable, besides the blog you can use comments, tag/tagname and so on - look at feeds application).

Note: Feedburner has an alternative url as well for those who have registered over AdSense for example. If in the Feedburner admin you see that your feedburner url starts with, then you should set the FEEDBURNER_URL variable to FEEDBURNER_URL=''.

Add Comment FeedFlare

FeedFlares are links that appear at the bottom of each post and enchance your feed, like a link to directly add a comment, send post to delicious or to someone else via e-mail. You can set up FeedFlares under at Feedburner admin site under the Optimize tab. You can easily add an Add comment by adding the FeedFlare at Feel free to copy and paste this xml under your own document root. Its contents is

    <Title>Add comment for byteflow</Title>
    <Description>Add comment to post on a byteflow blog</Description>
    <Text>Add comment</Text>
    <Link href="${link}?comment=1"/>