Byteflow is a blog engine written in Python using Django. The Byteflow team is proud of our clean codebase, and we are struggling to keep it that way. This makes it easy for python programmers and those who sympathize to learn the code and add features. Byteflow has a large feature set, including some capabilities that are not available in most blog engines (for an example, look at our feed by union of tags).


This project is released under the BSD License, so you can use and distribute it absolutely for free.

Latest news

(This is only the important news. For a complete list of changes see the timeline.)

  • 25.05.2009: 0.7 released.
  • 16.09.2008: Moved to Django 1.0


  • Markdown & typogrify for posts and comments
  • Threaded comments
  • Pingbacks
  • Directory pings
  • Automated registration for user after comment posting (no anonymous users!)
  • Registration approval/email change/profile edit
  • Tags (and filtering posts by tag)
  • Display and feeds for intersection of tags (separated by +) or for union of tags (separated by '|')
  • Archives by day, month, year
  • Atom and RSS Feeds for posts, comments, comments for specified post, posts within specified tag.
  • OpenID client. Supports multiple OpenID urls attached to single user
  • OpenID server.
  • Wordpress importer
  • Gravatar support
  • Optional WYSIWYG editor in admin part (for posts, not for comments)
  • LiveJournal? crossposting
  • XFN support (for links in blogroll)
  • Feedburner support
  • Translations to Russian, German, Hungarian
  • Image uploading (and selecting for display in post)
  • Profile merge
  • Helps you configure webserver (see ./ help config)
  • Includes some nice Themes, and you can easily make your own


If you have any questions, you can ask them on jabber or on the mailing list:

You can access the code here:


Sites using byteflow

The first one is piranha's Amazon Byteflow. All others see at ByteflowPoweredBlogs

How can you help

There are many ways you can help the project:

  • It is a great help if you report any bugs or misunderstandings you see by creating a ticket (see the link at the top of the page).
  • You can post ideas for development to the mailing list.
  • If you want to contribute code improvements or a theme, just let us know.

If you'd like to contribute, read ContributionGuide.

An important way of improving Byteflow is to share it with others:

Plans (release)

Can't delete comment from the post page without JavaScript
Plugins system
Tests for everything
JavaScript is needed to preview comments

Plans (further improving)

Admin interface
pygments support
Add image thumbnails to posts
Antispam subsystem
Importing framework
Search feature

Plans (unassigned)

Количество дней, в течение которых можно отвечать на комментарии, должно выставляться в посте
Text+HTML renderer inserts <br> even inside </pre>
SQL error with Postgres (caused by cset:b4a1ba99f734)
Use semantical information for pingback
wymeditor images 404
url names refactoring
captcha sometimes display 'foobar' and then never validates
Incorrect html-tag processing in post text
xpost to LJ does not work
typogrify improvement based on cairo image replacement
ссылка на Attach Files прячется
Move to bootstrap installation using pip/virtualenv (similar to Pinax), and tidy file layout
An OpenID user is asked to enter non existent password
Merge form fails on empty email
deprecated sha & md5 modules
THEME_STATIC_URL cause conflicting theme lookup for templatetag
Adding a to install on the apps