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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#53 Plugins system plugins task dottedmag new 02/19/08
#60 Tests for everything blog task new 04/01/08
#22 Can't delete comment from the post page without JavaScript comments defect buriy assigned 01/05/08
#66 JavaScript is needed to preview comments comments defect new 04/22/08
#81 Text+HTML renderer inserts <br> even inside </pre> blog defect buriy new 06/03/08
#102 wymeditor images 404 blog defect new 09/10/08
#117 captcha sometimes display 'foobar' and then never validates plugins defect new 11/02/08
#128 xpost to LJ does not work blog defect new 03/01/09
#138 ссылка на Attach Files прячется blog defect new 07/24/09
#143 Merge form fails on empty email accounts defect new 11/04/09
#147 THEME_STATIC_URL cause conflicting theme lookup for templatetag styling defect new 11/20/09
#91 Use semantical information for pingback blog enhancement new 07/24/08
#108 url names refactoring blog enhancement j2a new 09/17/08
#140 Move to bootstrap installation using pip/virtualenv (similar to Pinax), and tidy file layout plugins enhancement new 08/12/09
#148 Adding a setup.py to install on the apps blog enhancement new 01/08/10
#27 pygments support blog task new 01/08/08
#54 Antispam subsystem blog task new 02/19/08
#75 Importing framework blog task new 05/15/08
#76 Search feature blog task new 05/16/08
#84 SQL error with Postgres (caused by cset:b4a1ba99f734) blog defect new 06/04/08
#142 An OpenID user is asked to enter non existent password blog defect new 08/20/09
#23 Количество дней, в течение которых можно отвечать на комментарии, должно выставляться в посте blog enhancement new 01/05/08
#39 Add image thumbnails to posts blog enhancement ld100 assigned 01/10/08
#130 typogrify improvement based on cairo image replacement styling enhancement new 03/08/09
#146 deprecated sha & md5 modules accounts enhancement new 11/14/09
#4 Admin interface blog task new 08/19/07
#125 Incorrect html-tag processing in post text blog defect new 01/18/09
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