• Download: hg clone (or download compressed archive, though the only way to update such archive is to download new copy).
  • Create file from example in same dir and modify accordingly to your wishes. You can read help in Django docs.
  • If you are using mysql or postgres, create user and database.
  • Run ./ syncdb (it is located in Byteflow directory)
  • Then just follow any (1, 2, anything else) tutorial on Django install. We recommend to use apache + mod_wsgi as most stable and fastest setup if you have enough memory.


  • Common mistake - if you are using SQLite, make sure the database and its parent directory are writable by the user which runs Byteflow itself. mod_python installations runs as Apache user, mod_wsgi can be run as any user (using Daemon mode).
  • Read about DEBUG to be prepared - you must configure your web-server.

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